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Federal funds approved for cities handling influx of asylum seekers

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According to ABC 7 NY, there is some good news for U.S. cities that have been absorbing the influx of migrants from the southern U.S. border. Federal lawmakers have negotiated $800 million to give out as grants to those cities.

Sources say New York Sen. Chuck Schumer has already discussed with FEMA the allocation of a substantial amount of that money for NYC.

In an interview with Eyewitness News anchor Bill Ritter, Mayor Eric Adams said the city expects to spend about $1 billion through June or July on things including housing, education, and food for the migrants. Adams says services for New Yorkers could be cut if there isn’t help from the state or government.

“It’s unfair for me to go to long-term New Yorkers and say, ‘The housing you were looking for, the education you need for your children, the basic subsidies you needed, we are going to now have to cut back on those services,'” said Adams. “That is just unfair to the states and cities in America.”

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