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NYC can’t accommodate more migrants, Robert F. Holden

Migrant crisis is critically threatening the city’s future, Democratic City Councilman.

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According to the national media, New York City Councilman Robert F. Holden warns about the city’s future amid migrant flux.

Councilor Robert F. Holden spoke about the issue in an interview Monday in Good Day New York.

“We’re bursting at the seams now. By the way, how can we accommodate thousands more every day, so this becomes a situation where we can’t accommodate them and that’s a critical situation,” Holden said. “We have no room in New York City.”

He also used a position touted nationally by Republicans.

“The answer is to secure the border,” Holden says. “We’re a sovereign nation.  We should get to choose who comes in.”

He says the buses should be turned around and suggested sending them to the White House.

“We can’t absorb this many people coming into New York City,” Holden says.

Holden warns that there is not enough housing for people already living in New York City and thousands of unplanned migrants are unsustainable.

“New York City is not going to survive if this keeps going on,” Holden says.

Holden is among three Queens council members who are members of the Commonsense Caucus.  It says its goal is to prioritize the quality of life issues to improve the everyday experience of living, working, and raising families in New York City.

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