Police chief resigns after she flashed her badge to escape a traffic stop

Web Desk:

According to  National Media, the chief of the Tampa Police Department has resigned after the release of a body-cam video showing the chief flashing her badge to get out of a traffic violation on a golf cart.

Mary O’Connor resigned Monday after being asked to leave by Tampa Mayor Jane Castor. That move followed an internal investigation that found she violated department policy and “compromised her and the city of Tampa’s professionalism and ethics by using her position of authority.”

In body camera footage, a county sheriff’s deputy explains the cart didn’t have a license plate tag despite being driven on a roadway, a violation of local traffic laws. O’Connor asks “is your body camera on?” before identifying herself as the police chief in Tampa, handing over her badge, and adding, “I’m hoping you’ll just let us go tonight.”

Later in the exchange, O’Connor apologizes and hands over her business card, saying, “if you ever need anything, call me. Seriously. I appreciate you.”

In a statement released last week, O’Connor apologized to the residents of Tampa and said she called the sheriff’s office offering to pay for any citations.

Assistant Chief Lee Bercaw will serve as acting chief while the department conducts a national search.


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