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PPP USA marks party’s 55th Foundation Day with renewed commitment to uphold democratic norms

ZA Bhutto took historic steps to include Pakistan in the ranks of developed countries: Khalid Awan

New York: Pakistan People’s Party USA chapter celebrated the party’s 55th Foundation Day with great enthusiasm and grandeur.

Members of the Pakistan People’s Party in America gathered at a local restaurant in Jackson Heights to celebrate the day.

Party officials and workers participating in the foundation day renewed their commitment to follow the manifesto of their leaders.

On this occasion, President of People’s Party of America Khalid Awan said that Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto took historic steps to include Pakistan in the ranks of developed countries which will never be forgotten.

While PPP New York President Zafar Chatha reiterated his determination to make Bilawal Bhutto the next Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Sehrish Waqar, who joined the People’s Party, was welcomed and Khalid Awan also announced her appointment as the Secretary General of the People’s Party Women’s Wing USA.

On this occasion, senior leaders Azra Dar and Sahrish Waqar said that Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto included every citizen in politics and gave a complete constitution to Pakistan, and they vowed to follow the footsteps of the leaders.

The foundation day was also attended by party office-bearers and workers from other political parties and community members.

They said that all the political parties should continue to work together in the future to get the country out of the current difficulties and crisis.

At the end of the ceremony, everyone gathered at a cake cutting ceremony. They remembered the founders of the party and other martyrs and prayed for their elevation.

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