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NYC retirees sue Adams administration for $55M

Manhattan Supreme Court class-action suit was filed on behalf of 1830000 retirees.

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According to NY Post, retired New York City government workers, who enjoy among the most generous taxpayer-provided health benefits in the US are suing Mayor Eric Adams and the city for $55 million over $15 copays for doctors’ visits.

The Manhattan Supreme Court class-action suit was filed on behalf of 183,0000 retirees.

It claims that the city and Emblem Health/GHI are violating a court order to not impose additional costs on retirees for the 20 percent supplemental coverage not covered by Medicare, the federal health program for senior citizens 65 and over.

The copays, which are far less than the standard $40-$50 fee required by private insurance, were imposed in January. Retirees previously were not charged a co-pay.

NYC Mayor Adams said the City Council must agree to allow his administration to switch retired city workers to a private Medicare Advantage plan, with an option to opt out in exchange for a high out-of-pocket price or he will unilaterally move all retirees into a Medicare Advantage plan.

Retirees have argued that Medicare Advantage denies or provides less medical care than their current supplemental “Senior Care” plan.

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