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Khyber Society of America holds Pukhtun Cultural Day on completion of its 15 years of establishment

Eminent personalities of the community were also honored with awards in recognition of their services.

New York: Khyber Society of America, a premiere not-for-profit organization held a grand Pashtun Cultural Day on completion of its 15- year-journey, in New York City with traditional zest and fervor.

The rich Pashtun Cultural Day was celebrated in Punjab Restaurant, Brooklyn.

The Pakhtoon Day event also featured a humorous dialogue on married couples often arriving late for ceremonies.

Awards were also distributed among prominent personalities of the community.

The Khyber Society officials said that the organization amis to be the world’s premier Pashtun organization. It has been assisting and educating the Pashtun Dispora while preserving and evolving their culture and 6000 years old creed of Pashtunwali.

The event began with the recitation of a few verses of Holy Quran by Nisar Khan.

Later, the National anthem of Pakistan was played, and all the participants of the ceremony stood up, respectfully.

Khalid Khattak administrated the event and welcomed the guests on their arrival and introduced everyone.

In his address to the participants, Taj Akbar, the head of Khyber Society of America said that he has realized that now the element of show off is reflecting when it comes to helping the needy ones, and humanitarian works.

He said the journey of Khyber Society of America began some 20 to 25 years back. We had great loyal companions, but they left this mortal wold in the middle of this tough journey. This journey is very difficult, he said adding  to seve a person in need, and that too without any interest is quite difficult task. One person cant carry out this legacy of humanitarian work.  The community people must come forward, help and support the organization.

The 67-year-old Taj Akbar asked the youth to come forward and take the lead in this noble cause.

Consul General of New York Ayesha Ali and Deputy Consul General on this occasion said the organization has been providing invaluable services to the community and that she is proud of it. She said she listened the speakers of the event who were underscoring the need of constitutionalism.

She said the democratic spirit is so much alive in your society, and your society is so much democratic, and the way this society has been organized.

Nawab Adil Khan said that all the nationalities living in Pakistan have their own unique identity but they all work together for the country.

Other speakers also expressed their views at the event. They said that Pakhtun people and their culture are thousands of years old, but we should learn other languages ​​too.

On this occasion, a report containing the relief activities carried out by Taj Akbar and his team in the flood-affected areas of Pakistan was also shown.

The participants appreciated the efforts of Khyber Society and Taj Akbar. At the end, eminent personalities of the community were also honored with awards in recognition of their services.


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