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NY Labor Department slaps MTA over ‘excessive’ tripping hazard at Manhattan bus stop

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According to the NY Post, the roof of the MTA’s largest bus depot is filled with excessive trip hazards, holes, and puddles, the state Department of Labor has charged in official documents.

DOL investigators last week flagged the Michael J. Quill Bus Depot in Midtown Manhattan with four employee safety violations including one for unsanitary and disorderly conditions on the building’s roof.

“There are excessive amounts of trips and falls hazards due to the roofs [sic] floor having large amounts of cracks & potholes,” officials wrote in a safety violation notice obtained by The Post.

“Employees are exposed to serious physical harm due to slip, trip, and fall hazards caused by the floor cracks, holes/potholes, and uneven surfaces throughout the entire roof.”

Other DOL violations issued last week included ones for the MTA’s failure to post publicly the city-approved weight loads for the building and to enforce personal protective equipment and helmet rules for workers.

MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said in a statement that MTA takes safety very seriously and is fully cooperating with the DOL in remediating concerns raised in the filings right away. MTA engineers look forward to further addressing conditions noted in the report relative to cracks, potholes, and ponding, while also replacing a deck, curbs, and expansion joints.”

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