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NYC landowners must post FDNY safety bulletin warning of e-bike battery fires

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According to the NY Post, New York City landlords will be required to post an FDNY safety guide warning apartment dwellers about fires caused by e-bike batteries.

The fire department has issued an emergency safety bulletin to help prevent the deadly blazes, as New Yorkers buy up popular electronic bikes, scooters, and hoverboards during the Christmas shopping season.

In 2022, New York City faces at least 140 fires tied to devices that injured 140 and killed six people, officials said.

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E-bikes and other lithium-ion battery-powered mobility devices have become all the rage. But many people store and charge e-bike batteries in their apartments, which pose serious fire safety hazards, officials said.

The guide will need to be posted inside apartment complexes by April 30.

The guide urges consumers to immediately stop charging an e-bike and call 911 if there is a fire or smoke, battery overheating, leaking, a strange smell, or a battery making an odd noise.

The fire department published an emergency safety bulletin to help prevent the deadly blazes from e-bikes.

The FDNY also posted a public service video on its Instagram account urging Big Apple residents to take safety measures to prevent such fires when e-bikes are stored in their homes.

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