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APAG celebrates Thanksgiving Day in a grand manner

Ali Rashid, President of APAG, said rising inflation, food shortages are major problems in NYC

New York: The American Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG) – a vibrant not-for-profit organization celebrated Thanksgiving Day by distributing Halal turkeys and food packages to the community members.

The APAG’s officials and volunteers in their third annual food drive on Thanksgiving Day distributed Halal turkeys and food packages to hundreds of needy people in New York.

The response by the community was overwhelming which serves as yet another reminder that food insecurity is still relevant in these high inflationary times.

It is relevant to mention here that the Pakistani community organizations in New York celebrate Thanksgiving Day in a grand manner, and also they never miss any festival of happiness in the American society.

The APAG distributed a large number of turkeys and other essential food items to the needy ones.

Assemblyman David Weprin also graced the event with his presence. He said that the Pakistani American community always connects people’s hearts by sharing happiness.

The food box included fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, bread, eggs and many items of daily use.

Ali Rashid, President of APAG, said that rising inflation and food shortages are a big problem in New York. No one can be left alone in such grim situation and especially on occasions of happiness. He thanked all APAG Cares members who participated by packing and distributing.

“We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to continue to serve the community.” Ali Rashid said

Our food packages consisted of fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, bread, juice, yogurt and other non perishable items.

APAG members and volunteers also participated in packing turkeys and other essential food items for the food drive on Thanksgiving Day.

They say they are always happy to help those in need and doing community’s uplift work.

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