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NYC Mayor appoints nine new Commissioners, reappoints 15 Commissioners to CGE

Commissioners are tasked with advising on gender issues to improve equity across NYC

NEW YORK: New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced the appointments and reappointments of 24 commissioners to the New York City Commission on Gender Equity (CGE).

As per details available on the official website of the City of New York, the commissioners will advise CGE on dismantling institutional and societal discrimination and inequities for girls, women, intersex, transgender, and gender non-conforming and non-binary persons regardless of age, ability, ethnicity/race, faith, gender expression, immigration status, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

“The Commission on Gender Equity is transforming lives by educating New Yorkers about economic mobility, safeguarding health and reproductive rights, and ensuring safety in our communities. Today, I’m proud to announce the reappointments of Jacqueline Ebanks as the executive director of the Commission on Gender Equity and Silda Palerm as chair, as well as announce our full slate of commissioners,” said Mayor Adams.

“I look forward to the continued collaboration across our agencies to reinforce equity and dismantle institutionalized practices that have been unfair for too long to people across our city.”

CGE commissioners are community leaders, advocates, and founders of nonprofits and other organizations that break down gendered barriers across New York City and will be a significant driving force as ambassadors to achieve CGE’s strategic planning goals. These commissioners will also work toward broader gender equity efforts in the Adams administration and for the people of New York City.

The nine newly appointed commissioners are:

  • Damian Ashton, director of communications, Equimundo: Center for Masculinities and Social Justice
  • Jennifer Barnes-Balenciaga, director, Crystal La’Beija Organizing Fellowship
  • Carol Bullock, executive director, Pride Center of Staten Island
  • Callie Chamberlain, director of Social Responsibility, Optum
  • Miriam F. Clark, partner, Ritz Clark & Ben-Asher LLP
  • Anne Marie Goetz, clinical professor, New York University
  • Seher Khawaja, senior attorney for economic empowerment, Legal Momentum, The Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund
  • Emily Miles, executive director, New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault
  • Jason Tan de Bibiana, research and evaluation director, Next Gen Men

The 15 reappointed commissioners are:

  • Shahara Ahmad-Llewellyn, president, Shahara Ahmad-Llewellyn Family Foundation
  • Sasha Ahuja, national director of strategic partnerships, Planned Parenthood Federation of America
  • Taina Bien-Aimé, executive director, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
  • Beverly Cooper Neufeld, president and founder, PowHer New York
  • Andrea Hagelgans, managing director, U.S. social issues engagement, Edelman
  • Imara Jones, founder and CEO, TransLash Media
  • Sherry Leiwant, co-president and co-founder, A Better Balance
  • Robina Niaz, founder and executive director, Turning Point for Women and Families
  • Sonia Ossorio, president, National Organization for Women – New York City
  • Silda Palerm, partner, Vestry Laight, LLC; and chair, Commission on Gender Equity
  • Chanel Porchia-Albert, founder and CEO, Ancient Song Doula Services
  • Kiara Saint James, executive director, New York Transgender Advocacy Group
  • Celeste Smith, managing director, Mosaic Genius
  • Beverly Tillery, executive director, New York City Anti-Violence Project
  • Shyama Venkateswar, senior director, Learning at Seramount/EAB

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