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NY governor signs two bills to prevent hate crimes and protect New Yorkers

New York belongs to the good, not those with hate in their hearts, Kathy Hochul.

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Responding to the series of hate crimes NY Governor Kathy Hochul announced actions to prevent hate crimes, promote tolerance, and protect New Yorkers.

The Governor signed two pieces of legislation to support hate crime prevention and education efforts, building on the administration’s efforts to increase funding to protect targets of hate crimes and increase surveillance and protection for communities at risk.

Governor Hochul signed legislation that requires individuals convicted of hate crimes to, in addition to other penalties, undergoes mandatory training or counseling in hate crime prevention and education.

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The second legislation establishes a statewide campaign for the acceptance, inclusion, tolerance, and understanding of diversity, including, but not limited to diversity based on religion, race, color, creed, sex, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Governor Hochul said that New York belongs to the good, not those with hate in their hearts. Governor said that we’re taking bold action to reclaim our city and state from the haters, bigots, and white supremacists.

Governor says that domestic-based violent extremism is the greatest threat to our homeland security, and that is why we continue to remain laser-focused on combatting hate and keeping New Yorkers safe.”

Governor Hochul also encouraged community-based organizations to apply for $50 million in available funding to strengthen safety measures and protect against hate crimes and extended the deadline for applications.

Both pieces of legislation promote educational initiatives, which serve as key tools to further tolerance and acceptance, and in turn help keep communities safe from hateful acts and violence.

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