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PTI New Jersey demands transparent inquiry into assassination attempt on Imran Khan’s life

Workers said their political commitment to Imran Khan is unconditional and unwavering

New Jersey: The workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) New Jersey have demanded that a transparent inquiry into the assassination attack on Imran Khan should be completed immediately, and facts should be brought before the public.

This demand was made by the PTI workers at an event held at a local hotel in solidarity with their Chairman Imran Khan after the assassination attempt on the former Prime Minister and Chairman of PTI in Gujranwala.

Officials of PTI said that Pakistan has been facing the same problems for 70 years and Khan is the solution to steer the country out of the crisis.

Imran Khan is the bright future of Pakistan. PTI will form the government in the country in the upcoming general elections.

Naveed Waraich, the host of the event, introduced the guests and also moderated the event.

In addition to PTI workers, a large number of overseas Pakistanis including women also participated in the solidarity ceremony with Imran Khan.

The participants said that Imran Khan has awakened political consciousness in every Pakistani citizen.

Opponents do not want Pakistan to develop, but the whole nation will support Imran Khan in every difficult time, he said.

Speakers participating in the event also gave advice to the youth and women to become politically active.

The speakers said that their love and political commitment to Imran Khan is unconditional and unwavering, they believe that under the leadership of Imran Khan, Pakistan will start a new era of development.

At the end of the ceremony, young workers of PTI also recited a poem in solidarity with Imran Khan.

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