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Thanksgiving Day: COPO distributes hundreds of turkey and Halal Chicken.

we are fortunate a source of help to the needy : Mohammad Rizvi

New York:

The Council of People’s Organization distributed 1,000 turkeys and 800 halal chickens to the needy on the arrival of Thanksgiving Day.

There are only a few days left to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, the festival of sharing happiness in America. The Council of People’s Organization on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn decorated several stalls outside its office on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day.

COPO President Mohammad Rizvi along with dozens of his volunteers distributed fresh vegetables, and fruits to the needy, and distributed turkey and halal chicken among 1000 people along with essential items.

A large number of white-clad and needy families from the Brooklyn and its suburbs were gathered here and respectfully received the required food and drink as gifts.

On this occasion, Mohammad Rizvi further said that it has become difficult for people with low income to bear the burden of increasing expenses.

“we are fortunate that we have the support of our donors and we are a source of help to the needy,” he added.

A clear message for everyone in the festival of Thanksgiving Day is that if you have more than you need, start sharing it, the happiness in your life will be doubled.

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