IG Sindh seeks help from NYPD’s MOS to reconstruct houses of police officials destroyed by floods

NYPD's MOS delegation led by its president Adeel Rana calls on the IG Sindh at his office

KARACHI, November 9, 2022: Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Ghulam Nabi Memon on Wednesday urged the New York Police Department’s (NYPD’s) Muslim Officers Society (MOS) to reconstruct houses of police officials destroyed by the recent ruthless floods in the province.

Also,  IG Sindh assured the NYPD’s Muslim Officers Society delegation that his department will provide all possible support required in the relief activities.

NYPD’s Muslim Officers Society’s President Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana along with his delegation called on the provincial police chief in his office.Professional issues were also discussed in the meeting.

Social figures lieutenant Zagham Abbas, Noman Malik, besides  Aslam Dhillon, Zulfikar Bajwa, and members of the business community were also present in the meeting.

Adeel Rana informed IG Sindh Ghulam Nabi Memon about his visit to Pakistan. He said that his organization has collected a large amount of humanitarian aid with the support of the Muslim community in the United States and that this aid has been distributed to the flood-affected rural areas of Sindh. He said he wanted to distribute humanitarian assistance among the victims in the affected districts of the province.

IG Sindh brought to the attention of Adeel Rana and his team that the houses of the police personnel were also destroyed in the flood. IG said he wanted the NYPD’s Muslim Officers Society to play its due role in the construction of the houses of the affected police personnel in this relief and rehabilitation work.

Adeel Rana assured IG Sindh that he will do whatever is possible.

Finally, IG Sindh presented the shield to MOS President Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana while Adeel Rana presented IG Sindh with cap and badge from New York Police.

Meanwhile the Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana, President of Muslim Officers Society in New York Police Department, met Sindh Minister of Labor and Manpower Saeed Ghani in connection with the rehabilitation of flood victims of Pakistan.

In the meeting, the government of Sindh appreciated the measures taken so far for the flood victims.

Saeed Ghani while assuring the delegation of Muslim Officers Society of Sindh government’s full cooperation in the measures taken for the rehabilitation of the flood victims, said that it is very gratifying that the flood victims in the overseas Pakistani country are being fully supported. Determined to play a role.

The delegation of the New York Police Department’s Muslim Officers Society’s participation in the relief operations is commendable. Our first priority is to restore the lives of the flood victims to normal as soon as possible.

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