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PTI workers demand to conduct free, fair and transparent elections.

Imran Khan supporters urged Government to lodge FIR of assassination attempt.

New York:

PTI USA gathered at Time Square in New York to protest against the gruesome killing of senior journalist Arshad Sharif in Kenya and the assassination attempt on party chairman Imran Khan in Gujranwala.

PTI America President Munir Khatana, senior leader Khursheed Bhalli said that Government is still unable to lodge FIR of attack on Our Leader Imran khan despite after 5 days.

It is a cause of raising so many questions and doubts because investigation cannot begin until lodge of FIR, The motives of the attack should be brought before the nation, they added.

A large number of workers participated in the protest, who held the pictures of the deceased Arshad Sharif, their chairman Imran Khan and the party flag in their hands.

The organizers of the demonstration and General Secretary of Tehreek-e-Insaf USA, Sam Khan, New York President Amjad Nawaz and khawar Baig said that the solution to all the problems faced by the people of Pakistan is only to conduct free and transparent elections immediately.

On this occasion, the PTI workers also shouted slogans in favor for Imran Kham. They added that the current government does not have public mandate. If transparent elections would conduct, then Imran Khan will be re-elected as Prime Minister.

We are standing with our captain Imran Khan. No matter how many conspiracies the opponents want, they cannot stop Imran Khan to becoming the Prime Minister again.

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