Pakistan fears US strategy against Taliban may fail

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani authorities have reportedly informed the US interlocutors that their strategy against Afghan Taliban if failed,  will have negative consequences for the entire region.

Washington has laid out its strategy of a major military offensive against the Taliban from both sides of the border. But Pakistan is reluctant to take any action so far. reported quoting government sources that the US wants a two-pronged operation against the Afghan Taliban to ensure the long-awaited victory in the region.

The US believes it will also force the militant group to join the Afghan reconciliation process on Kabul’s conditions.

Pakistanis do not disagree with the basic thrust of the Ameri­can argument but they have one major worry: What if it fails?

US Secretary of Defence James Mattis, while explaining the new strategy for South Asia, said Pakistan is capable of executing the action.

“We’ve been working with Pakistan, on the South Asia Strategy… and it’s how do we work together to take out the terrorists,” said US Secretary of Defence.

When asked if Pakistan could do it, Mattis said that the US was engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the Pakistanis to “hammer this out … now that we’ve created the strategy, then you have to execute it.”


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