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Theater ‘Virus Bomb’ artistically depicts human agony faced during Covid-19 pandemic.

Income from this theater to be donated to Pakistani flood victims.

New York: Prominent Pakistani-American poet and playwright Mumtaz Hussain’s unique theater titled: ‘Virus Bomb’ is being screened in New York, which is vividly and artistically depicting human agony faced during Covid-19 pandemic.

The play is also highlighting conspiracy theories and preferences of politicians and capitalists towards the global pandemic – covid-19.

The income from this theater will be donated to the flood victims in Pakistan.

The Virus Bomb is primarily highlights the effects of the Corona pandemic on human life, which is currently being played in a local theater in New York.

The central character of the play is a pregnant woman Kerin has lost her 12-year-old son and her husband to the Alone-a-virus. Now she must save the son who rests in her womb. She goes to the United Nations headquarters in New York to present her case.

Kerin presents her case to the United Nations Security Council for justice that a conspiratorial group has spread the virus through bats, where she receives the answer that you should present your case to the to the International Court of Justice.

Kerin takes her case to the International Court of Justice and says that this virus has been created for the destruction of humans. Here comes a character of Dracula in the play who believes that all bats are not dangerous to humans, this virus is spread by capitalists who can go to any extent to increase their wealth.

In the closing scenes of the theater, the plaintiff, the pregnant woman, Kerin, is in severe labor pain and as she runs for help, her foot unconsciously hits the button of a bomb placed on the steps of the courthouse.

Now if she moves her foot back, the bomb will explode. Mumtaz Hussain, the writer of this play, says that Corona is over, but the aftershocks of this virus have caused more damage to the world.

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