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ICLI’s Young Scouts pay tribute to Muslim veteran heroes in recognition of their services in U.S forces

The role of Muslims in the development of America was praised

New York: A group of Young Scouts at the Islamic Center of Long Island (ICLI) paid tribute to Muslims in recognition of their valued services in the armed forces, and other important departments of the United States (U.S). 

The grand event was well-attended by people belonging to different walks of life. Muslim officers serving in the US forces were also part of the event.

President of the Islamic Center of Long Island, Habib Ahmed administrated the ceremony. Habib Ahmed, not only highlighted the services of veterans but described the event as a good omen for Muslims in America.

The guests who participated in the event expressed their views not only by appreciating the services of Muslims but also by praising the role of Muslims in the development of America.

Vice President of Suicide Awareness and Remembrance Flag, Fred Nielsen while talking to VOSA TV informed about the details of the event while calling it a good practice.

A member of the Boy Scouts of America said that it is a good tradition to pay tribute to veterans

US Army Sergeant Retd. Faisal Farooqi was presented with the Shield of Honor by Boy Scouts of America. They also expressed their gratitude.

Deputy Inspector Adeel Rana, President of the New York Police Department’s Muslim Officers’ Society (NYPD-MOS) was also honored with the award. He thanked the organizers of the event for the acknowledgement and recognition.

The services of Muslims in the armed forces were praised by the youth of America.

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