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CEC to come up with NYC’s first-ever participatory budgeting process – “The People’s Money”

All New Yorkers age 11 and up able to decide how to spend $5 million of mayoral expense funding in their borough

New York:  The Civic Engagement Commission (CEC) announced the launch of “The People’s Money” — NYC’s first-ever citywide participatory budgeting process.

The project’s them is “The People’s Money: Your Voice, Your Decision, Your Money”

All New Yorkers age 11 and up will be able to decide how to spend $5 million of mayoral expense funding in their borough.

The Civic Engagement Commission has set up this Platform to allow Contributors to contribute to the The People’s Money participatory budgeting process.

All New Yorkers are invited to attend sessions in their borough! Residents will also be able to submit ideas and find further idea generation sessions via the CEC’s online platform:

As per the NYC CEC’s General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU) Contributors are invited to participate in the following ways:

By giving their opinion on surveys or proposals that have already been published on the Platform, supporting them or commenting on them.

By sharing their proposals to enrich the Youth PB process, and by voting on proposals.

The Civic Engagement Commission is committed to protecting the privacy of children. If you are under age 13, you may not use this website. If you are between 13-17 years of age, by using this Platform you represent that your parent or guardian allows you to do so, unless you are a legally emancipated adult.

The People’s Money builds on the foundation laid by the CEC’s 2021 local process, which engaged residents of the 33 neighborhoods hardest hit by COVID-19 in a $1.3 million participatory budgeting process.

The CEC and a diverse group of 86 partner organizations will be opening their doors to host idea generation sessions.

Apna is one of the partner. Apna is hosting multiple idea generation sessions at our center and community is welcome to join and share their ideas.

The NYCCEC was created by a citywide referendum in November 2018, after one million New Yorkers voted, resulting in the approval of three ballot initiatives proposed by the 2018 Charter Revision Commission, including a mandate for the CEC to implement citywide Participatory Budgeting.

Starting in September 2022, the NYCCEC will be launching NYC’s first-ever expense-based, citywide participatory budgeting process called The People’s Money.

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