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APPAC scores major policy win for Pakistani flood victims

APPAC urges Biden Administration to approve Temporary Protective Status for Pakistanis living in U.S without legal documentation.

New York: American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) efforts to get a substantial relief package for flood victims in Pakistan got a big boost when Senator Lindsey Graham promised to introduce a relief and rehabilitation monetary allocation in the next stopgap funding bill.

Senator Graham informed Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, Chairman of APPAC during a meeting in South Carolina. During the meeting Dr. Ijaz briefed the Senator about the needs of the flood victims and the huge damage to infrastructure due to heavy flooding this season.

The Senator conveyed his sympathy and condolences to the families on the loss of life of their loved ones, homes, and places of livelihood.

Dr Ijaz Ahmad, Chairman APPAC, also met President Biden twice recently in NY city. During the conversations with President Biden Dr Ahmad requested to approve more aid for the flood victims harmed due to climate change.

President Biden assured Pakistani citizens that he is aware of their  sufferings caused by the climate change. He has allocated billions of dollars to help reduce effects of climate to the world.

President Biden mentioned in reception that in the near future climate change will be responsible for major crisis the world is going to face. There is possibility that some cities will be wiped out due to climate change related calamities.

APPAC has been working with the congressional leadership of the Democratic and Republican parties to secure an immediate relief package and long term help to rehabilitate damaged infrastructure.

Senate Chairman of foreign affairs committee Senator Bob Melendez and Senator Cory Booker have agreed to work for bipartisan support for a long term aid bill as Pakistan cannot rehabilitate damaged infrastructure with its own resources.

Pakistan needs financial support from all the industrialized world as they are main the source of carbon emissions and climate change effects, the congressional leaders asserted.

Chairman Dr Ahmad accompanied recently the three member US House representatives to Pakistan to access the damages caused by climate change flooding.

The delegation included Congresswoman Sheila Jackson, Congressman Tom Suozzi and Congressman Al Green. During the visit the congressional leaders promised to earmark  enough  US aid to help flood victims in the relief efforts.

APPAC is also in the process of engaging lobbying and public relations firms to spearhead a long term relief and reconstruction package for Pakistan.

APPAC during these meetings has also urged congressional leaders and Biden Administration to approve TPS, a Temporary Protective Status for Pakistanis living in the United States without legal documentation, so they can support their families economically during this crisis. TPS status will allow them to work and earn legally for at least three years in the US.

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