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COPO establishes its first Community Facilitation Center in NYC

Congresswoman Yvette Clark, US officials attend Older Adult Center, praised Muslim community for the welfare of humanity

New York: The Council of People’s Organization (COPO) has taken yet another step in social services by establishing its first Community Facilitation Center – ‘Older Adult Center’ on Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, in New York.

The Older Adult Center’s grand inauguration ceremony was held with a ribbon cutting. US officials graced the event with their participation.

The ceremony officially started with the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran.

The opening ceremony was attended by Congresswoman Yvette Clark, Council Member Shahana Hanif, representatives of the Brooklyn Borough Mayor’s Office, New York Police Department officers, scholars, and a large number of community members.

Addressing the participants, Yvette Clarke and other US officials praised COPO’s move. They said that the activities of the Muslim community for the welfare of humanity are worthy of emulation.

Mohammad Rizvi, the host of the event and the head of COPO, while expressing to the audience, said: “we have always gone beyond our responsibilities in difficult times and worked to help humanity regardless of cast, creed and color.”

On this occasion, representatives of the Ukrainian community acknowledged the activities of COPO. They said that after Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, for the first time, “we asked COPO to help the troubled Ukrainian people, and this organization did not disappoint us.”

The filmmaker of “Who’s Next”, a film made on hateful actions against Muslims in America, also attended the event. She said that Muslims have been facing hateful actions but this community does not conspire against anyone but always works for everyone.

Speaking on this occasion, well-known religious scholar Allama Sakhawat Hussain Sundralvi said that the purpose of our creation is to help each other for the greater good of humanity.

At the end of the ceremony, Allama Shakhawat Hussain offered a prayer, while COPO was presented with certificates of appreciation by various US officials in recognition of its services to the community and appreciated its new endeavor.

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