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NYPD arrests allegedly thief from Makki Masjid Brooklyn.

By Ali Abbas
New York:

The unknown man who re-entered in Makki Masjid with the intention of stealing was caught by the worshipers and handed over to the police on Thursday evening.

New York Police arrested allegedly accused from Makki Masjid.

According to Muslims eye witness the mysterious young man who was identified as Spanish has entered in Makki Masjid located at Coney Island Avenue of Brooklyn was trying to stealing money from jackets of worshipers which were hanged Wuzu Area of Mosque.

Worshipers claimed that a unknown person also came yesterday (Wednesday) and stole money from hanged-jackets around 700 dollars. Mosque management called to New York Police department and informed them about allegedly thief.

The 70 Precinct Police reached on a spot and arrested allegedly accused and taken him for further legal process. Police also took written statements of eye witnesses.

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