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ICNA Relief holds community preparedness workshop about dealing with natural calamities

Climate change causes hurricanes and floods in US, resulting into considerable loss of lives, destruction worth billions of dollar, every year

New York: ICNA-Relief organized an important workshop to educate the community people about dealing with natural calamities, and make them aware of what actions should be taken in the event of an emergency-like situation.

Organized by the Disaster Relief Department, ICNA-Relief in New York, the ‘Ready New York Preparedness Workshop’ was well attended by the people, who got awareness and pre-preparedness education to deal with natural calamities.

In the workshop, held at ICNA-Al-Markaz, the community’s people were informed about methods to deal with natural calamities so as to minimize their impacts and destructions.

Due to climate change, hurricanes and floods occur every year after the summer in the United States, causing considerable destruction across the country and costing hundreds of lives and billions of dollars.

The workshop was held in collaboration with the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA), New York City Emergency Management/Community Engagement, and the Community Emergency Response Team.

On this occasion, officials of the fire department said, they want every citizen to be familiar with the methods of dealing with the difficult natural disasters, and to know what action should be taken in the event of an emergency.

In the workshop, the participants were also given a special class on CPR procedures and how to deal with emergency situations.

The organizers said: “we can face emergency situations anywhere and we should be prepared for this in advance.”

The aim of this workshop was to make people aware about the initial and most important steps to be taken in case of natural calamities and emergencies.

The workshop was attended by representatives from FEMA, the New York Fire Department, Newark City Emergency Management and Community Engagement, the ACNA Relief New York team, women and children from the community.

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