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U.S to not leave Pakistan alone in the devastating situation of floods: Robert Zimmerman

Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, Chairman APPAC, organizes a fundraising dinner in honor of Robert Zimmerman, a candidate for the US Congress from District-3 of New York.

NEW YORK: Robert Zimmerman, a candidate for the U.S Congress from the state of New York, has said that the U.S will not leave Pakistan to the mercy of devastating floods, and called upon the international community to come forward and help Pakistan in the need of the hour.

Once in the government, Robert Zimmerman said he will make sure that the members of the Pakistani community are included in both his congressional staff and advisory committees in the U.S. It’s very important to move to resolve a host of issues such as legal immigration problems, social and political rights, etc.

Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, Chairman of the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC), organized a fundraising dinner at his residence in Long Island in honor of Robert Zimmerman, a candidate for the US Congress from the District 3 of New York.

Adnan Bukhari, President of APPAC New York Chapter, moderated the event. The event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran and the introduction of all the guests.

APPAC Chairman Dr. Ijaz Ahmad drew the attention of Congress candidate Robert Zimmerman to the damage Pakistan is facing due to climate change and informed about the disastrous situation of the recent floods.

He said Europe and America are responsible for carbon emissions in the growing industrialization in the world, but Pakistan is paying the price in the form of irreparable loss. Rich countries should stand with developing countries.

Dr. Ijaz Ahmad while apprising Zimmerman said that Pakistani community living in US must be given representation in the government departments so that it could serve the country.

He said  the total population of Pakistanis living in the US may constitute not more than one percent, but they deserve to be given space in the local politics and government.

He said hate is number one issue particularly after the then president Donald trump talked about banning Muslims and minorities.

Dr. Ijaz Ahmad said he was meeting with the president Joe Biden in Manhattan and informed him about the melting glaciers of North pole. On this the president said that he was aware of the grim situation. Joe Biden recalled that some twelve years back, the then president Barrack Obama and he was invited in a meeting at a secured location in Washington. In this meeting, Biden said the issue of climate change was under discussion. It was informed that climate change is going to become the major global issue in next 20 years and it will first struck the Asian countries such as Indonesia.

Today, we are witnessing the impacts of climate change in the Asia and currently, Pakistan is suffering from the flood devastation. Dr. Ijaz Ahmad informed that around 40 percent of the total area of the country is under waters, 30 million population is homeless, and forced to live under open sky, with no shelter, 2,000 people have lost their lives while 6000 pregnant women are going to give births.

He said as Pakistani diaspora, the American Pakistanis want to play their role as bridge between Pakistan and US, saying there have been ups and downs in bilateral relations. Strong ties between Washington and Islamabad are in great interests of the people of both countries, he stressed.

On Dr. Ijaz Ahmad’s attention to the important issues, Congress candidate Robert Zimmerman admitted that the destruction caused by floods in Pakistan has not been seen in the last 50 years, our government is ensuring all possible assistance, vowed not to leave Pakistan alone in this crucial time.

The board members of APPAC participating in the fundraising event asked Congress candidate Robert Zimmerman about several important issues including the conditions imposed by IMF on Pakistan, increasing aid in the flood situation, to which he also gave detailed answers.

Nadeem Akhtar, Dr. Munir and others from Dales Chapter of APPAC participated in the event through Zoom.

At the end of the fundraising dinner, the host Dr. Ijaz Ahmad thanked the guest Robert Zimmerman for his arrival, while the Congress candidate also expressed his gratitude to APPAC for fundraising and assured him that he will be elected.

He vowed that the APPAC recommendations will definitely be presented in the Congress.

Adnan Bukhari appealed to the community to vote for Robert Zimmerman on November 8 polls.

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