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38th annual American Muslim Day Parade held in New York

The event participants called for Muslim Unity and playing active role in local US politics

New York: Organized by the Muslim Foundation of America, the 38th annual American Muslim Day Parade was held in New York, with traditional zest and fervor.

Muslims from different countries came together and gave the message that Islam is a religion of peace and security.

Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Turkish, Arabic and African Muslims gathered for the 38th annual Muslim Day Parade on Madison Avenue in Manhattan in New York and began with a recitation of the Holy Quran.

Later, Raja Razak, a prominent figure of the community, presented Naat-e- Rasool SAW.

On this occasion, Zuhr pray call (Azaan) was given and Zuhr prayer was offered in congregation led by Mian Tahir.

After the prayer, the Muslim Day Parade marched to its destination on 25th Street with the New York Police traditional band and march under the leadership of Marshal and first Pakistani American Federal Judge Zahid Qureshi.

First Pakistani-American Judge Zahid Qureshi, American official, APPAC Chairman Dr. Ijaz Ahmed, community political and social figures, New York Police Muslim officers and students also participated in the parade.

Citizens and tourists from different countries lined up along Madison Avenue to watch the parade.

On this occasion, Federal Judge Zahid Qureshi said in a conversation with Voice of South Asia (VOSA TV) that the message for all Muslims is to be united, and that is precondition for the success.

The Muslim Day Parade went through its designated routes and reached 25th Street, where the American National Anthem was played.

On this occasion, the organizers of the parade Mian Fayyaz, Faris Fayyaz, Ainul Haq and Mian Tahir and others expressed their views.

The organizers said in a conversation with Voice of South Asia that our aim is to gather Muslims in America in one platform, and we want Muslims to participate in the local political system here and exercise their right to vote.

The participants of the parade were attended the event with their families, they said that they are always a part of this parade; we cannot do anything for ourselves without being united.

Before the end of the parade, awards were presented to the leaders of the New York Police Department’s Muslim officers and organizations in recognition of their service to the community.

At the end of the parade, Muslim children were taught Islamic values in a unique way, which was well appreciated by all.

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