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UN SG pledges to call ‘Donors’ Conference’ to support the flood-hit Pakistan, soon: PM Shehbaz

Floods caused damages worth $ 30 billion to Pakistan’s already-ailing economy: Pakistan’s premier

New York: Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday said that the recent ruthless floods have caused a loss of whopping $30 billion to the already fragile economy of Pakistan.  

Also, he said that the António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations has pledged to call a ‘Donors’ Meeting’ possibly in New York, or somewhere else to help support the flood-hit Pakistan.

Talking to the media during his visit to a photo exhibition titled “Floods in Pakistan: A climate Carnage” in the Sect Lobby of UNHQs, the Prime Minister said that the floods have racked havoc on the daily lift and properties in Pakistan. He said the damage caused by the flood is estimated to be around $30 billion which may go up as the exact scale of devastation is yet to be ascertained.

He said the standing crops have been damaged. The land for the cultivation of crops is not ready, as flood water is still stagnant elsewhere in four provinces including Sindh, and Baluchistan.

The PM said he has convened meetings with the UN Secretary-General. He is a very kind-hearted soul and has sympathies with the flood victims in Pakistan.

Shebaz also thanked the global leaders including the US president, Presidents of Turkey and Iran etc,. who have urged the global community to help support Pakistan in the need of hour.

Minister for Information Mariyum Augangzeb was flanked with the PM during the visit. She told media that the French President has called upon the global leaders and financial institutions to come up with mechanism to support countries like Pakistan who have been suffering from the impacts of climate change.

She said the country was already facing economic crisis for the last four years, and the recent floods have compounded the plight of Pakistanis.

She said 650,000 women are pregnant, and 2600 such women are going to give birth soon, and they need special attention from us in terms of healthy baby food, nutrition, tents, medical care, and warm clothes on the eve of cold weather in Sindh and Baluchistan. NDMA is releasing data as per need-based requirements.

She said the PM has categorically asked that the production cost of Panadol and Paracetamol tablets will not go up as their demand is increasing due to water borne diseases and Dengue outbreak after the floods. She said the Ministry of Finance will give subsidy for the producers of these medicines, if needed.

She said the US president Joe Biden has a good reception for heads of the states and he has special attention towards floods and catastrophic situation in Pakistan. This was PM Shehbas Sharif’s voice as well. This is a shared concerned of global community. NGOs has important role to play in natural calamities like situation.

Mis. Melissa Fleming, USG for Global Communication also spoke during to media during her visit to the exhibition site. She said the floods have wreaked havoc in Pakistan. This is the worst of climate change. It has mass destruction. She said that people who don’t believe as to how climate change is devastating, they should go to Pakistan and look into the scale of devastations by themselves.

There are 25 photos of sites of disaster and the impact. On digital screen, a documentary is played which has been produced by ministry of information and Broadcasting.

The department of global communication has also shared their documentary to be played on Pakistan floods and climate change.

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