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NYC, Manhattan gets world’s attention as protesters gathers during UNGA 77

Ali Abbas
New York:

During the 77th session of the UNGA, people from different countries are recording their protests on the streets of Manhattan, New York.

At 44th Street 2nd Avenue, Iranian-Americans from various cities in the United States gathered and recorded a protest against the current President Ebrahim Raisi and his government.The protest was attended by a large number of young Iranian-American boys and girls, men and women, who carried banners, placards, and pictures of the Iranian president with various demands written on them. The protesters said that Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who has come to New York,   should be prevented from attending a meeting. The protesters said that they will also record a large protest during the Iranian President’s speech tomorrow.

People from African countries also held a rally on 47th Street and reached the street reserved for protesters behind the United Nations headquarters. The men and women participating in the protest were wearing red shirts and were holding various banners and placards in their hands.

Protesters demanded that the United Nations and the international community take strict action against the military that has seized power in their country. The protestors also demanded that martial law should be abolished and power should be transferred back to the democratic government.

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