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State of Texas offers highest job opportunities in U.S: Governor Greg Abbott

A Republican government is the best choice. The forthcoming polls will determine the future of Texas for the next two decades.

TEXAS: Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said that Texas is the state with the strongest economy in the United States, and the job opportunities are the highest among all other states. He said the Texas budget for the financial year 2022-23 stands $27 billion plus.

Also, he said that Pakistan is suffering from floods these days and unknown rains have caused havoc there.

He was speaking as the chief guest at a simple but dignified function organized in his honor at the residence of Dr. Rao Kamran Ali, president of PAK-PAC and active leader, in Southlake City, Texas.

The association of physicians of Pakistani descent of North America (APPNA), various socio-political personalities belonging to Dalles fort participated on this occasion. While Southlake City Mayor John Huffman, Texas Medical Board President Dr. Sharif Zafar were also present.

The event, hosted by Dr. Rao Kamran Ali and his wife Selina Ali, was also significant because, for the first time in Dallas, Fort-Worth, Governor Greg Abbott, who belongs to the Republican Party, met Pakistani Americans and answered their direct questions in detail. Answered.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that the state of Texas is the state with the strongest economy in the United States, and the job opportunities are the highest among all other states. He said the Texas budget this year is $27 billion plus.

We are rich in natural resources, which is why people from all over the United States are moving to Texas. Texas has the highest number of job opportunities mainly due to large national level companies moving to Texas.

He said that more than fifty percent of the state’s tax is being spent on health and education sector, while the benefit of the surplus budget will be given directly to the tax payers in the form of a significant reduction in property tax.

On this occasion, Texas Governor Greg Abbott also gave detailed answers to the questions of the audience. To a question, he said that in the last three joint sessions, it has been revealed that the State of Texas has spent 25 billion dollars on children’s mental health and this money has been provided to the relevant institutions under the health care program, which he believes, is still insufficient and needs further planning.

More than 1,700 drug overdose deaths occurred in Texas last year, most of them between the ages of 18 and 45. We need to accept the facts and plan effectively on this important issue, he said.

On another question, the governor of Texas said that there is no shortfall of energy in the state of Texas. In any place, if the power supply is suspended for a certain period of time, it may be due to bad weather.

Texas has 3,000 megawatts of electricity stored all the time, while electricity production has been increased by 15pc during the last one year.

To a question, Greg Abbott said that we all have a fundamental responsibility to exercise our right to vote.

This time we have done comprehensive planning for the presidential election, we have data of 17 million voters and we know that they need to be mobilized using better resources and those who do not exercise their right to vote must be encouraged to vote.

He said that the impression that other states have turned to Texas are not my supporters but anti-voters. He claimed that the majority of people who are moving here from New York, California and other states are my voters because they have moved here after seeing our government policy and the growth of Texas.

He said that there is less than two months left for early voting and the purpose of my coming here today is to inform you about my performance and other important facts.

This election is very important; the results will answer all your questions and will be important for the future of Texas for the next 20 to 25 years. So for the next 60 days, we will communicate directly with voters and tell them that we have done an extraordinary job for the growth and prosperity of Texas.

If you want to see Texas more developed, a Republican government may be the best choice.

Earlier, the host of the program, Dr. Rao Kamran Ali informed the audience about the aims and objectives of the event and gave a detailed briefing about the political and social services of Governor Texas.

In his closing remarks, Rao Kamran Ali said that the perception that all Pakistani Americans are Democrat voters is completely wrong. Today’s event is proof of that.

“We think this state is the best, and it’s all thanks to Governor Greg Abbott, obviously,” he said.

Due to their efforts, this state has got the present achievements. He said that the Pakistani community living here will definitely support Governor Texas and his party in the upcoming elections.

There is a need to take effective measures to end the lack of communication.

He also thanked all the attendees including Governor Greg Abbott on this occasion

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