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Flood-hit Pakistan in dire need of humanitarian aid from the world


New York: As ruthless floods have racked havoc in Pakistan, the United Nations (UN) has come forward with announcing a $160 million emergency plan to help the South Asian nation deal with devastating flooding.

The currently resource-strapped nuclear Islamic country, which has been struggling on financial fronts to meet its day-to-day affairs, and tirelessly pursuing the revival of stalled IMF extended fund facility, is now in dire need of humanitarian aid as its all four provinces- Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, besides the picturesque Gilgit-Baltistan have turned into canals.

The civic and commercial life has come to stand still, road links have been disconnected to parts of the country, while the flood-hit citizens are seeking help from the government of Pakistan and the world community.

As per the UN estimates, around 33  million people have so far been affected by the worst flooding in Pakistan – a country of more than 200 million inhabitants, and around 1000 people mostly children have died since June mid, this year.

The floods have also destroyed millions of acres of agricultural lands, standing crops, and fruit trees worth hundreds of billions of rupees while the government has no capacity to cope with the grim situation.

As many as 72 districts across Pakistan have so far been declared “calamity-hit” by the government. Amid ongoing rains, the number of calamity-declared districts is expected to increase.

Various local charity organizations, philanthropists, well-offs, government agencies, and corporate sector firms have also been making efforts to contribute their part by donating cash, rashan to heal the sufferings of the vulnerable populations across the country.

UN Secretary General António Guterres took to twitter as saying: “The Pakistani people are facing a monsoon on steroids. More than 1000 people have been killed – with millions more lives shattered. This colossal crisis requires urgent, collective action to help the Government & people of Pakistan in their hour of need.”

Global Climate Risk Index 2021 and Climate Watch report suggests that Pakistan is among the 10 countries most affected by extreme weather events, despite its very low carbon footprint.

Remember that Pakistan is one of the 10 highly affected countries due to climate change despite the country has a very minimal carbon footprint. Various environment experts and global leaders are of the view that every citizen of the globe should feel his responsibility towards minimizing the risks of climate change in future to ensure a better and secured world where humanity can exist in peace and prosperity.

The Prime Minister of Fiji Frank Bainimarama said in his twitter message: “ Let’s be clear: the Pakistani people did not do this to Pakistan –– we all did, and the high-emitting nations are most responsible. Unless we end our species’ addiction to fossil fuels, every country in the world will remain in the crosshairs of the climate breakdown. Ends……

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