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New York to restrict gun carrying in light of SC ruling

Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams will address public safety on Wednesday as the new state law would takes effect on Thursday,

New York: New York City authorities are posting new signs declaring the iconic Times Square a “Gun Free Zone.”

This comes ahead of a new state law that takes effect on Thursday, which declares several places off limits for guns.

Parks, churches, and theaters have also been deemed “sensitive” places, according to

As per, amid the bright lights and electronic billboards across New York’s Times Square, city authorities are posting new signs proclaiming the bustling crossroads a “Gun Free Zone.” the sprawling Manhattan tourist attraction is one of the scores of “sensitive” places — including parks, churches, and theaters — that will be off limits for guns under a sweeping new state law going into effect Thursday.

The measure, passed after a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June expanded gun rights, also sets stringent standards for issuing concealed carry permits.

The new gun-control law will also increase training requirements and require disclosure of social media accounts for new gun applicants.

If all goes as planned, the new restrictions will impact nearly every gun owner and anyone with an interest in guns in society.

According to ABC-7 New York, governor Hochul and Mayor Adams will address public safety on Wednesday ahead of the new gun laws going into effect in New York state.

That new concealed carry law bans guns in a variety of sensitive places and that will soon include Times Square. The boundaries will extend from Sixth Avenue to Eighth Avenue and from West 40th Street to West 53rd Street.

“For Times Square specifically, the law requires signage in the designated zone, it is clear and conspicuous,” Robert Barrows, Executive Director, NYPD Legal Operations and Projects was quoted by ABC-7 New York as saying. “I do have a copy of the signage, what that will look like, the signage will be placed at every entry point in the zone, there will be two signs on each side. This will be temporary, more permanent signage will be installed, if as expected, this bill becomes law, that is another opportunity I think to educate our officers as well because precinct personnel and Manhattan south personnel will start installing these signs by September 1.”

According to PIX 11, The Supreme Court ruling overturning New York City’s ban on concealed carry guns means anyone with a permit can pack a pistol — but not in Times Square where it’s a felony offense. It’s got some city council members concerned.  “It’s no bigger than 8×11. It should be bigger than that,” a council member said. “It means they need to know the rules the laws,” another said.

With 400,000 people passing through the crossroads of Times Square daily, nearing pre-pandemic numbers, combined with the scourge of rising gun violence, lawmakers are scrambling to find workarounds to the Supreme Court’s loosening of gun laws.

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