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ICNA Relief opens men’s shelter home for those released from prisons.

America has the highest number of prisoners in the world, and 20,000 prisoners are in Seattle, alone: Musa

Washington: Islamic Circle of North America known as ICNA Relief – the largest Muslim charity organization in America has opened the first men’s shelter home in Seattle, Washington to accommodate those released from jail.

Remember that ICNA Relief has already established thirty-six shelters for Muslim women in the United States where Muslim women can live without compromising their religious beliefs.

In a simple and dignified ceremony held in Washington, Seattle’s social and religious personalities, including the Muslim-American immigrant Deputy Mayor of Bothell City, Rami Al-Kabra, and the CEO of ICNA Relief, Maqsood Ahmed, specially participated.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Program Manager Mosa said that America has the highest number of prisoners in the world.

While there are 20,000 prisoners in Seattle, when they come out after being released, neither the system helps them nor society accepts them.

People of other religions will also be given shelter in this shelter home.

ICNA Relief CEO Maqsood Ahmed and Deputy Mayor Rami Al-Kibra said that through this program we can help those people who go to jail due to a mistake or an uncommitted sin, and they want to improve their lives after being released. But the system does not help them, people who want to change themselves after committing some mistakes or sins, this will be the best opportunity for them.

Faheem Ahmed, President of Islamic Circle of North America Seattle said, “I thank the organizers of ICNA Relief who started this wonderful program.”

He said that this idea was in our mind for many years that we will start it. “We thank Allah that we got a person like Musa who understands this system well,”

Fareed Salman, Area Manager of ICNA Relief Seattle and Umber Haque, Director of Muslim Family Services, said that through this program, people suffering from mental disorder will be given full counseling so that they can return to the social mainstream.

Starting in Seattle, the program will be a beacon for the Muslim community across the United States

This shelter home established under the auspices of ICNA Relief is an example of its own, where the best rooms for living, magnificent bathrooms, beautiful drawing rooms for sitting, computer rooms and places for praying are also available.

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