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NYC faces drought conditions: US drought Monitor

New York City has had just 25-50 per cent of normal rainfall over the past 30 days

New York: The federal government’s drought monitor said that New York City is facing drought conditions as NYC has had just 25-50 percent of normal rainfall over the past 30 days.

Some corners of nearby New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, and the Hudson Valley have had less than 25 percent.

According to the Independent, Staten Island, southern Brooklyn, parts of New Jersey, and the south shore of Long Island are in “severe” drought conditions, The city’s other boroughs along with Long Island, New Jersey, and parts of some upstate New York counties are in “moderate drought”,

Yesterday, the National Weather Service (NWS) also warned that drought conditions can increase the risk of wildfires and dry out crops.

However earlier this month, The New York Times reported that drought is somewhat less of an issue in New York City than in decades past as conservation efforts have lowered the city’s water needs.

In 2021, New Yorkers used about 115 gallons per person, per day, according to the city’s Department of Environmental Protection. In 1979, residents of the five boroughs used about 213 gallons per person, per day.

There’s not too much agriculture in the city proper. But in nearby New Jersey, crops like soybeans, corn and apples are smaller than usual, reports NBC4 News.

Rockland County, north of the city, and parts of Suffolk County, on Long Island, have also declared “water emergencies”, limiting use as a result of the drought.

NBC Boston reports that some areas in the northeast have even seen some small wildfires. This month, a 12-acre fire burned in Harriman State Park, about 36 miles (58 kilometres) north of New York City. Massachusetts has seen more than 100 wildfires in August,

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