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Politics is the art of possible: MQM leader marks Pakistan’s Independence Day with PPP Texas chapter

Pakistan People's Party America chapter president Khalid Awan was the chief guest of the event

TEXAS: Otto von Bismarck’s famous quotation “Politics is the art of possible” clearly depicts relations between MQM and PPP – the once rival political forces of Pakistan are currently close allies, and the MQM senior leader Babar Ghori’s presence at Pakistan Day celebration organized by PPP Texas chapter, means a lot for those who have interest in Pakistan’s politics.

Office bearers of Pakistan People’s Party Texas organized a colorful event to mark the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan at a local restaurant in Houston in which MQM’s leader and former federal minister Babar Ghori delivered a keynote address.

The event was well attended by various personalities of the community.

President of Pakistan People’s Party America, Khalid Awan on this occasion said that if Pakistan is to be developed then each person has to play his due role. Addressing the participants, Khalid Awan said that there is no strength greater than mutual unity, whoever can work for the development of the country, he should do his duty.

The function was presided over by Mumtaz Chung, President of PPP Texas.  Mumtaz Chung and Aziz Nizamani also spoke at the Independence Day ceremony. Hesaid that People’s Party is truly people’s party. We will make it the same people’s party in America. We will take all Pakistanis together without discrimination.

On this occasion, former federal minister Babar Ghori, who was the main speaker of the event, expressed his views and said that Houston has an atmosphere like Karachi and is a city of sharing love.

Speakers who participated in the event spoke openly about the establishment of Pakistan and the difficulties of the country. The participants agreed that the success of Pakistan is only in unity. Finally, Khalid Awan thanked the Texas officials for his warm welcome.

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