Team launch event held for the 2nd season of American Premier League

The mega cricket event – APL is being held in Florida this year

New Jersey: Good news for the cricket lovers in USA, as the 2nd season of the American Premier League is being held this year in Florida as APL hosted a grand team launch event at Northlands, Flemington, New Jersey.

Also, the event organizers announced the construction of a state-of-the-art cricket stadium in the US.

Four new teams – Team Samp Army, Team Strikers, Team Pak Punjab and Team Summerset Caualiers are the new teams in APL season 2 who were welcomed in the launch event.

People from other walks of life including the management of APL and the owners of the new teams participated in this event.

Traditional dances added to the glitz of the event. The ceremony started with the National Anthem of the United States of America.

Organized by Mo Khan, the audience was shown an introductory promo at the beginning

Team Paks’ owner Muhammad Ali said in the beginning of his speech that Team Paks is a representative team of Pakistani community, and it is a matter of pride.


Iraj Abidi of Team America said the addition of four new teams in this season is proof that the journey of APL continues with more success. He also appreciated the efforts of the management of the event.

Team England’s owner Victoria Morgan was very enthusiastic about the event, saying that the APL caravan is about sharing the love.

Danny Khan, chief of the Umpires’ panel, said that last season was the first drop of rain, this time there is more enthusiasm, while the number of teams has also increased.

The team owners were also invited on stage at the launch event. Team Samp Army Kirtesh Patel said, it is a matter of pride that Samp Army is going to be a part of APL.

Team strikers officials said that our franchise is new but eager to perform better in the event

Umar Malik represented Pak Punjab, he expressed his views and said that it is a matter of pride to be a part of APL.

There is no doubt that the first season of the American Premier League was a huge success and even today it is clear as day. The participants also discussed it.


Event sponsor Sohail Anjum of Northlands thanked the attendees and said that this place looks beautiful only because of you people.

APL has given countless names to the world of cricket, among which Raunaq Sharma is the foremost name.

Who does not know J. Mir, who has given immense services in American cricket, whenever the historian writes the history of American cricket, he will always remember J. Mir.

APL founder and CEO Jay Mir told the audience that when APL was conceived, it was not expected that APL would create history. “Self-confidence has always blessed me with success, and I am proud to be APL’s Mire-e-Caravan,” said Jay Mir.

He also spoke about promoting the message of love between the people of India and Pakistan through cricket.


A traditional Arabic dance was also performed at the concluding session of the event. This was the moment when the artists received a standing ovation.


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