Tiktoker Hareem Shah arrested in Turkey.

Turkey’s police discovered large amount of gold and lots of money.

Turkey: Web Desk
TikTok star Hareem Shah has been arrested in Turkey along with her husband Bilal Shah.Turkey’s police at Airport discover large amount of gold and lots of money from both of them. So lets have a look more into this.

According to media reports Hareem Shah was going to Muscat from Turkey but police found a large amount of gold and money from them, Now the couple is being investigated by Turkish authorities.

Earlier Hareem Shah made many controversies to get attention of fans but this time she seems to be in trouble. She made a snack video as well as tiktok video with heavy amount of money.

After that she is in big trouble and FIA also investigated against Hareem Shah and her husband. Also they freezes multiple account of Hareem Shah. Hareem Shah in all this responses with a video that they can do nothing against her.

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