Pakistan sets 140 Indian fishermen free

 KARACHI: Pakistan has released 140 Indian fishermen from a prison in Karachi as a goodwill gesture. 

These fishermen were caught 8 months ago while fishing in Pakistan marine boundaries.

This is the second largest group that has been released in last week from Pakistan. Police say they have been released as a gesture of goodwill.

BBC while quoting Edhi officials reported that released members of the group have left for India. Rights activists in India and Pakistan were campaigning for the release of fishermen for a very long time.

They say poor fishermen get arrested for being mistakenly crossing the sea border. Pakistan and India had formed a Judicial Commission to cope with the problem of fishermen.

It was suggested that the members of this commission should visit the jails once a year where fishermen are being held. Proper food, medical services, and better living facilities should be provided to these fishermen.

Any of these suggestions are rarely implemented.

Both countries have signed this treaty, which says it’s prohibited to arrest fishermen, but both countries ignore it.


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