Brother gifts sister a Wax Statue of late Father on her wedding

Wax figure was life-size and made in Karnataka, taking more than a year to make.


New York Web Desk: Phani Kumar from the Indian state of Hyderabad has come up with a unique yet emotional wedding gift to his sister which made her, and other family members so emotional on her special day.

The gift is none other than a precious lifelike statue of their late father, Avula Subrahmanyam who as per media reports passed away due to Covid-19 complications.

The bridal was disparately missing her late father on the special occasion of her life. However, her brother made her feel that their father is not only alive but also present in the wedding celebrations of his beloved daughter. As the statue of their late father was brought into the wedding hall, she burst into tears and began kissing it. Family members and guests took pictures with the wax statue.

The video of the event goes viral both on social and mainstream media in India and beyond.

As per media reports, Phani explained that the wax figure was life-size and was made in Karnataka, taking more than a year to make.

Patal Aarti a social media user commented on the emotional video which has been posted on “Thrinetra wedding films’ saying” Fabulous memories created by her brother Every sister will be lucky to have a brother like his brother To have a father in life is a dream for many And on such a day to create a theme like this is just awesome thought Look at the smile and emotions of every person”

Soyaip Moosa another social media user writes in the comment section: “What a lovely human this brother is How did he came up with something so special Tears can’t stop after watching this lovely family reunion”

Their father, Avula Subrahmanyam contracted Covid-19 and his oxygen levels dropped to a point that he passed away due to Covid-19 complications.

Both the bride and her mother cry upon seeing the unique tribute to Mr Subrahmanyam.

The bride later composes herself and she smiles as her father gets to be part of her wedding, planting a kiss on the statue’s cheek, media reports suggest.

India Today also reported the event; It said a man named Phani Kumar from Hyderabad gifted his sister a wax statue of their late father Subramanyam at her wedding. While the bride made an entry with her mother, husband and the rest of the family, she spotted the almost lifelike figure in front of her. She immediately broke down and even her mother couldn’t hold back her tears. The bride gave a sweet kiss to her father’s figure and went through all the rituals in his presence. In the over 3-minute clip, almost everyone can be seen with moist eyes.



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