New York police in action against vehicles with fake number plates

50 vehicles taken into police custody

New York: New York police is now in action against cars bearing fake number plates and VINs.

It has been reported that a number of drivers and car owners in order to avoid toll taxes have placed in their cars fake number plates.

NYC state police have initiated a crackdown and have taken into custody as many as 50 such vehicles. 14 stolen vehicles with fake registrations have also been confiscated by the authorities. A 2019 model Alfa Romeo car is among such stolen cars. Alfa Romeo was stolen from Florida last year. However, in the fresh crackdown, the police confiscated this car with a fake number plate and VIN.


MTA New York operates seven toll bridges and two toll tunnels. It also upgraded the cashless tolling system by installing cameras and scanners at different points.

Toll Bill collection is made from the vehicle drivers through E-ZPass or courier service. Authorizes in New York have issued tens of thousands of tickets.  Thousands of vehicles have also been confiscated for avoiding toll tax through various tactics such as hiding number plates with special covers to dodge the scanners.

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