APAG hosts meet and greet with Senator Chuck schumer.

Ali Rashid asks Pakistani community in the US to take part in the primary polls, tomorrow


New York: US Senator Charles Chuck Schumer said he believes that everyone should have full religious freedom and protection of places of worship.

He was addressing the ‘meet and greet’ reception given in his honor by the American Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG) at a local restaurant in Queens, New York.

Addressing the participants, Senator Chuck Schumer said that the United States is a country of immigrants and immigrants are the future of this country. “You all must work for yourself, for the new generations of yours, and for the development of this city and the country,” Schumer said.

Earlier, APAG directors introduced their team and guests.

Speaking on the occasion, Ali Rashid, President of APAG, urged the community that: “tomorrow is Election Day, all of you should exercise your right and choose better representatives.”

“Without active participation in the political system here, we have nothing for ourselves,” he said.

On the occasion, Assemblyman David Weprin, Councilwoman Linda Lee expressed their views, saying that their relationship with the Pakistani community and APAG is nothing new. They vowed to work together since they live together in US hence the resolution of issues is in their mutual interests.
Participants also questioned Senator Chuck Schumer on a range of topics, including gun violence, hate crime, and Islamophobia.

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