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“Jashn-e Dr. Noor Amrohvi” held in Dallas

Urdu poets from the U.S and abroad, including Pakistan graced the event with their participation

DALLAS: Poets from different states within the U.S and abroad including Pakistan came together at an international poetry festival held in Dallas, Texas to pay honor to Dr. Noor Amrohvi for his valued poetic services.

Various literary organizations organized the prestigious event named “Jashn-e Dr. Noor Amrohvi” in honor of Dr. Noor Amrohvi, a well-known poet from Dallas.

Urdu poets from different states of the United States including Pakistan, India, and the United Arab Emirates participated.

The purpose of the event was to pay homage to Dr. Noor Amrohvi for his invaluable services to Urdu literature.

The special guest of the function was Dr. Shamsa Qureshi and Abbas Tabish presided over the session, while Shah Alam Siddiqui performed the duties of a host.

Among the guest poets were Khalid Masood, a well-known comedian from Pakistan, Manzar Bhopali from India, Fatima Zahra Jabeen from Canada, Nilofer Abbasi, a well-known Pakistani television artist, Professor Hamad Khan from New York, Ghazanfar Hashmi from Houston and Ahmad Shah Ghazali, and Dr. Yassin was from North Carolina.

While a large number of ladies and gentlemen from Dallas who are fond of Urdu literature participated.

The purpose of the event was to pay homage to Dr. Noor Amrohvi for his services as well as to hold an international poetry recital.

The guest poets individually shared their experiences and observations about Dr. Noor Amrohi with the audience while Khalid Masood, Manzar Bhopali and other poets presented their poetries and received much praise from the audience.

Dr. Noor Amrohvi’s new book was also unveiled on the occasion, the entire earnings of which he has announced to donate to a charity organization called ‘Beauty of Humanity’.

On this occasion, the guest poets said that the crowded hall here is a testament to the fact that the residents of Dallas are very much interested in Urdu literature. Their love of their language and culture deserves tribute.

They also said that Dr. Noor Amrohvi is not only a good poet but also a very good person.  His real services towards the community are not hidden from anyone.

On this occasion, Dr. Noor Amrohvi in his speech thanked all the guest poets and the audience and said that his journey from Amroha to America is no different. Hard work, hard work and dedication and sincere friends have brought him to this place today.

Famed poet Dr Noor Amrohvi addresses the Jashn-e- Noor festival

He does not consider himself worthy of this position but it is the love of the community and lovers of Urdu literature that has come to the fore in the form of this event. He burst into tears while sharing his autobiography.


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