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New York, The Second Annual convention on Teaching and Memorization of the Qur’an

New York:
The Second Annual convention on Teaching and Memorization of the Qur’an was held in Brooklyn, The event participants were of the view that wherever Muslims live in the world, they try to make sure that their new generation is aware of religious education and history.

specially in a multi ethnic and multi cultural  country or society where people from different religions and backgrounds live together,  the need of following ones own religion and teachings  is felt more intensely.
In addition to many mosques, there are seminaries in various parts of New York, including the Darul Uloom Brooklyn seminary, where the second annual Quran memorization meeting was held, Naat was also recited after the recitation of the verses of Holy Quran.

The children recited Holy Quran and Ismaa-ul-Husna (the 99 attributes of Allah) in the best manner and in one voice, that made the their parents so proud. Addressing the function, teacher Qari Osama said that the children have been taught with great diligence and interest that children have learned the knowledge is something we are very proud of.

The participants of the event said that parents and members of the society should appreciate and encourage students of religious schools as well as the schools of secular education.

These children of today, will become great religious scholars tomorrow. In the memorization completion ceremony, children were blessed to recite various verses of the Holy Quran.

The teachers of the madrassa said that human life is very short. Try to do such deeds in your life which can be the source of your salvation in the hereafter.

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