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Pakistani community must take part in US Politics: Dr. Asif Mahmood

$45,000 dollars raised to Dr. Asif Mahmood at the 'meet & greet'

New York:

Dr. Asif Mahmood, a Pakistani-origin candidate for the U.S Congress from California, said that Pakistanis, like Indians, should participate overwhelmingly in US politics in the larger interest of the community as well as Pakistan.

The Pakistan American Community of New York hosted a ceremony at the residence of business and social figure Mirza Khawar Baig in honor of Dr. Asif Mahmood.

The event began with the recitation of verses of the Holy Quran.

Zameer Chaudhry moderated the ceremony during the function who extended his felicitations to Dr. Asif Mehmood on his victory in the primary election and also wished him success in the polls to be held in November.

The host of the function Mirza Khawar Baig introduced the audience to Dr. Asif Mehmood and thanked them for gracing the ceremony with their presence.

Addressing the function as the chief guest, Dr. Asif Mehmood said that Pakistanis like Indians should also participate in American politics which would be in the interest of Pakistan as well as the community.

On this occasion, Dr. Asif appreciated the efforts of the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) and said that the way APPAC has worked for the Pakistani community in American politics is unprecedented.

Pakistani business and social figures present at the event said that Dr. Asif is a philanthropist. No Pakistani prior to him had secured as many votes in the election as Asif Mehmood did. He will also get the honor of being a Congressman.

$45,000 dollars were also donated to Dr. Asif Mahmood at the meet & greet event held at the residence of Mirza Khawar Baig.

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