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For Strengthening Business ties, American Pakistani Business Forum’s delegation visited United States.

The delegation visited the PAYS office in NYC and met with Advisor to NYC Mayor, Ahsan Chuhgtai.

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To promote business relations between the US and Pakistan, a 25-member delegation from the American Pakistani Business Forum, visited the United States. The delegation led by Chairman Zeeshan Altaf visited the PAYS office in New York and met with the advisor to NYC Mayor Ahsan Chughtai.

Ahsan Chughtai in his briefing to the delegation said that Pakistanis are now taking interest in American Politics, and are working in good positions, which will be a good thing for Pakistan.

Zeeshan Altaf, Chairman of, the American Pakistan Business Forum, said that we came to the US with six different delegations to promote business relations and meet with people from different sectors. The aim of these meetings is to strengthen business ties between US and Pakistan.

The members of the delegation also offered Fateha for Ahsan Chughtai’s father. Pakistan American Business Forum also appreciated the services of PAYS and expressed their best wishes.

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