ICNA hosted the 47th Annual Mass Convention in Baltimore.

More than 23 thousand people from all over the US attended the Mass Convention.

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Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the largest organization of Muslims in the US, organized three days annual mass convention in Baltimore.

In the 47th Annual Convention of ICNA, sessions in different languages have carried out by world-renowned scholars Siraj Wahaj, Dr. Yasir Qazi, Sheikh Omer Suleman, Sheikh Abdul Rehman, Imam Suhaib, Dr. Alfat Hussain, and many others.

More than 23 thousand people from all over the US and leaders of Islamic organizations from Australia, Canada, Norway, and the UK with US congresswoman Ilhan Omer, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, and many other elected officials attended the grand event.

Speakers expressed their thoughts on how to tackle Islamophobia in the world. Muslim Scholars emphasized the need for unity and cooperation between Muslims for their prosperity. Participants also announced to lead the campaign to unite Muslims throughout the world against Islamophobia.

On this occasion, Congresswoman Ilhan Omer emphasized promoting Islam in the world. She said that Islam teaches us to respect other religions as well.

The event organizers said that the participation of thousands of Muslims, including youngsters, was the fruitful result of the convention. They said that the main aim of ICNA’s mass Convention is to introduce Islam and Muslims to the world and to shorten the gap between Islam and the young generation.

Various stalls have also been set up at the ICNA Mass Convention, from where the attendees bought ornaments reflecting Islamic cultures like hats, scarves, and abayas. Children and youngsters were also busy in different activities.

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