Global Day of Parents 2022

The theme for this year's Global Day of Parents is Appreciate All Parents throughout the World.

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Global Parents Day is celebrated every year on June 1 to provide an opportunity for each one to appreciate their parents for their selfless efforts towards their children’s well-being and proper development.

The day is observed all around the world to remind children to pamper their parents, offer them due respect and recognize their efforts.

Global parents Day is celebrated in honor of parents. This day has been announced by the United Nations in 2012. Since the Global Day of parents was recognized by the UN in the year 2012, it has been celebrated every year on the 1st of June. The theme for this year’s Global Day of Parents is Appreciate All Parents throughout the World.

The commitment of parents towards children is appreciated on this day. This day is an occasion for children and parents to celebrate their bond. On this day people globally congratulate their parents for their love and sacrifice. This day is a day to make parents feel special for their selfless work and sacrifice for their children.

In many parts of the world, Parents Day is observed on various dates. Global Day of parents is celebrated on different days in different countries. Like in America, this day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July, while in South Korea, Parents’ Day is celebrated on the 8th of May. Although Global Day of parents is not a public holiday, it is a day celebrated for the participation of the parent society.

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