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Woman assaulted on NYC subway as bystanders do nothing

NYC transit crime incidents have increased nearly 58% year-over-year

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According to Fox News, a viral video on social media shows a woman being assaulted on a New York City subway train as bystanders keep a safe distance away from the scene.

The passenger can be seen mouthing, “Somebody helps me,” as the individual continues holding on to her hair while they are seated. None of the other passengers assist her as the individual holds on to her hair and, eventually, lifts her from the seat.

“Get up!” the individual yells as he pulls the woman by her hair to the back of the train car before letting her go.


Toward the end of the video, the individual can be seen kicking the train car’s windows while it is still in motion and then eventually exiting the car at the next stop.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ office did not respond to an inquiry from Fox News Digital regarding the video.

Transit crime incidents in New York City have increased by nearly 58% year-over-year from 576 incidents last year, when fewer people were commuting to work via public transit due to COVID-19, to 907 this year. Total violent crime has increased by more than 39% year-over-year, according to the New York Police Department’s crime statistics for the week ending May 22. Several incidents have made national headlines this year.

NYPD Transit Chief Jason Wilcox announced Monday that the city had rolled out the Train Patrol Force, or TPF, this month to “perform dedicated, targeted and visible travel patrols on the late evening and overnight hours.”

Wilcox told transportation executives that 54% of the city’s total subway crime is reported on the trains, and 40% of that total is reported during “the specific TPF overnight hours.” Meanwhile, the transit chief added that overall subway arrests are up 67% so far this year.

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