Hackers Hit Winter Olympics: McAfee

SEOUL: Hackers have reportedly made an attempt to steal sensitive information from the groups working with the Winter Olympics.

Renowned cyber-security firm McAfee confirmed that an identified group of hackers tried to break into websites containing financial data.

McAfee has warned more of such attacks might come in the future.

The cyber-security firm mentioned that a number of groups associated with the upcoming Pyeongchang Games received malicious emails. Several of them were affiliated with ice hockey.

These emails were in Korean language and sent from the Singaporean IP address.

“The majority of these organisations had some association with the Olympics, either in providing infrastructure or in a supporting role,” the security firm said.

“The attackers appear to be casting a wide net with this campaign.”

The threat has come when the Koreas are gearing up for talks for the first time in more than two years.


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