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ICNA Food Pantry lends a helping hand to Ukrainian refugees.

Massive food and home essentials drive for Ukrainian refugees happen at Brighton Beach.

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Ukrainian families and refugees looking for refuge in New York City attended a food pantry giveaway Monday where they got a lot more than just-food.

ICNA Relief hosts a food pantry event and provides massive food and home essentials for many Ukrainian refugee families in Brighton Beach. Mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and more were available at Food Pantry.

Ishaq Alar, hunger prevention and refugee protection services lead at ICNA Relief, emphasized the importance of helping refugees.

“Me myself being a refugee from Afghanistan, I have come across these challenges and how difficult it is when you come,” said Alar. He further said that “our logo says that it Muslims for Humanity so we don’t look at ethnicity, gender, race or anything”.

Dozens of Ukrainian refugees lined up to receive free living essentials and expresses how grateful they are to have received these essentials.

ICNA Relief is currently looking to do more of these drives in the future and says it’s willing to help any refugee or anyone who needs food.

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