Richard Scott’s 36-hour swing marathon lands a world record

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According to BBC, a Kinross man has achieved a childhood ambition to break the world record for the longest marathon on a swing.

Richard Scott, 51, completed the 36-hour challenge on Sunday, beating the existing record by two hours. The father-of-three was cheered on by supporters during the challenge, which is awaiting final confirmation by Guinness World Records.

Mr Scott said he felt fine after the challenge, despite hitting “the wall” at the 18-hour mark.

He said: “We were in a marquee that had no sides on it, so I was facing into the blackness and although there was a big moon above, I couldn’t see it. So I was sitting for about six hours looking into the black. My legs were really sore at the time and I was getting really tired.”

Fortunately, he was allowed a five-minute break every hour, which could be saved up.

“I had a half-hour break, so in that time I had to go to the toilet, stretch and sleep,” Mr Scott said. “So I got 12 minutes sleep and that kind of reset things.”

He was kept going by family and friends and found concentrating one of the main challenges.

“There were occasions where I was talking to somebody and I’d actually forget to swing,” he said. “The people watching me said I was slowing down too much. But the people around me kept me going.”

The record-breaking challenge at Loch Leven’s Larder cricket pitch, was watched by independent witnesses, working in four-hour shifts.

The whole event also had to be filmed with a clock in shot. The documentation will be sent to Guinness World Records and will take up to three months to verify.

Mr Scott said he “didn’t really have a clue” what was going on after completing the challenge, which was supported by Kinross and District Rotary Club. He said: “I was so tired, I almost felt like I was drunk. People came out with Prosecco and it was a real party atmosphere.”

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