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Press conference at the inauguration of Hijabi Queens Mural.

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Pakistani American Youth hosted the Press Conference on the inauguration of 30 feet long and 50 feet wide Hijabi Queens Mural at the intersection of Coney Island, known as little Pakistan at Brooklyn.

Member of Pakistani Americans Youth Society, Kashif Hussain, owner of Hijabi Queens Mural Farzeen Hussain Wasti, Asad Wasti, founder of Hijabi Queens NFT collection, Karter Zaher and his wife Dua Alhawamdeh, Pakistani Consul General in New York Ayesha Ali, NYPD detective and PALS President Rohail Khalid, and others took part in the event.

Consul General Ayesha Ali highlights the Hijab controversy in Karnataka, India. Kashif Hussain said that this is the best to inaugurate the wall as the world celebrates Mother’s Day.

Karter Zahir and his wife Dua Alhawamdeh said that  Islamophobia still exists in society, and projects like Hijabi Queen Mural are the best way out of Islamophobia and towards a brighter future for Muslims.

Farzeen Hussain Wasti said that this mural is a tribute to Muslim women wearing Hijab. She said that the wall speaks to the Islamophobic sentiment in the society, and the Hijabi women are an essential part of the society.

In Press Conference, Rohail Kahlid said that wall art is the best way to highlight the importance of the Hijab. He said that Islamic sisters wearing Hijab are our pride.

The reason to build the Hijabi Queen Mural is to support and give courage to the women who prefer to wear Hijab and represent their religion, culture, and beliefs.

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